My third grade teacher accused me of plagiarism.


Our assignment had been to write a book. While other classmates wrote simple stories of their pets or summer vacation, I wrote an elaborate nine-page narrative about an imaginary homeless artist. I included a dedication.


While my teacher had never actually seen my story elsewhere, she was fairly confident no eight-year-old thinks in those ways. My parents are called. They vouch for me. And there begins my unabashed love affair with the written word.


From then on, I was labeled “precocious” – a term used as more of a warning than in endearment.


“She’s either going to be creative or a criminal, maybe both.” A quick background check can confirm which path I took.


All these years later, I still think in strange and unusual ways. But it’s created the work you’ll see below. And I can’t wait to see what it thinks of next.


I am very lucky.

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13Travel and Leisure Clients
9Retail and CPG Clients
6Technology and Innovation Clients
7Restaurant and Entertainment Clients
9Health and Pharma Clients
4Finance and Insurance Clients

UX Minded

Extensive background in user experience including site map creation, content matrices and wireframing.

No Wallflower

Proven presentation skills with new business pitches, external clients and internal teams.

Time Manager

Personal project management capabilities that continually meet both timelines and budgets.


I’m a seasoned writer and producer with over a decade of experience working on some of the top brands you see every day. A highly conceptual thinker, I’ve taken ideas from the initial spark of inspiration through the final execution.

My background is diverse, and my passion for learning new things has translated into being more than just a content expert. I’m fluent in SEO and have a deep understanding of user experience. I’m not just a storyteller; I weave visuals and placement in with words to create a richer, more robust experience that has consistently gotten attention – and results.

My personal style has been influenced by working and living in cities from the East Coast to out west. Having experienced life in such diverse locations has imparted me with a much deeper and broader base of knowledge on which to draw from for my work.

I play well with others, clean up nicely for meetings and magically meet tough deadlines.

Software Adept

Proficient in software including Microsoft Office, Photoshop and InDesign, as well as Avid and Final Cut Pro.

Fluent in SEO

Creates targeted, yet conversational content for maximum exposure.

Team Spirited

Love working collaboratively, but equally effective working independently to get the job done.